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No two of my clients are the same! I can help you whether you're a small or medium business owner, a manufacturer, an IT company, a private health or medical clinic, a non-profit organization, a work-at-home mom, a dog walker/trainer/groomer/daycare, or a professional services provider like a coach, lawyer, dentist, chiropractor, naturopath, cosmetician, hair dresser, massage therapist, psychologist or real estate agent. What your business is doesn't matter... if you're committed to your online presence, I'd love to put your business on the Web! (Well, truthfully, I did politely turn down the lady who wanted me to build a Web site for her "escort" service!)


My Promise to You...

I will create a WordPress Web site built to your specifications, but I will also give you lots of suggestions and input to help you make the best decisions as we go along. You will have me as your steadfast partner in this important piece of your marketing plan. I will make sure you go down the right path and end up with the best Web site for your needs. If you want complex, but simple would serve you better, I'll be straightforward with you! If you want to spend money on fancy scripts when a free plugin will do the job just as well, I'll be up front with you! I promise.

Your Web Site Is an Investment in Your Future...

Your Web site is an investment in both your own and your company's future. Invest wisely and your business will grow and prosper. The expertise, hard work and support I provide can help you increase your profits and expand your customer base. And my services are 100% guaranteed! Let me build you a custom Web site today...

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Nice Words from Some of Our Clients...

Andrea, I just wanted to say thank you! You're always able to get me out of any sticky situation -- with design, headers, layout, templates and technical questions -- that I get myself into with XSitePro or even WordPress. And today you proved it again! You're an angel in disguise! - John Miley

I have to tell you, going through this experience of letting you do the design work has been beneficial for me on many levels. It's pushed me beyond the all-encompassing "gotta do it myself" attitude that often keeps me from completing projects. Big thanks, Andrea! - JoAnn Lipton

Everything came across perfectly. I have made a couple of minor edits just to test and it worked great. Thank you very much for your help. It is a delight to work with you and I would be happy to act as a reference on your behalf any time. I look forward to many more projects together.
- Barry Shamis